AABN Membership


Please send completed application to:
Paula Cooper, PhD, ABN
Email (preferred) : paulacooperphd@gmail.com
Mail: Paula Cooper, PhD, ABN
5229 100th Dr E
Parrish, FL 34219
For questions, please call Paula Cooper, PhD, ABN
Phone: 941-685-6098 EST

Minimal requirements for a post-doctoral training program to become a recognized site through the AABN include the following:

  • The graduate training program is the equivalent of two years of full-time education and training (accrual of a minimum of 4000 training hours).
  • The training program utilizes a scientist-practitioner training model and follows closely to the Houston Conference on training and education in neuropsychology.
  • At least two hours per week in didactic learning activities are provided.
  • A licensed and board certified neuropsychologist is identified as the Director of Training (ABN, ABPdN or ABCN).
  • At least two currently licensed psychologists are within the training program.
  • A minimum of two hours per week of supervision is offered throughout the duration of the training experience.
  • There is opportunity for trainees to have access to clinical services and training programs in medical specialties and allied professions.

Information for Director of Training

What are the benefits of being an AABN member?

By becoming a member of AABN, you will increase your program's visibility to potential applicants. You will also have access to a wealth of knowledge from other members. Furthermore, your program will have access to materials to prepare your fellows for the board certification process, including a resident written examination and ethical vignettes. AABN member programs also follow a curriculum designed to prepare fellows for the board certification process.

Who can apply to AABN?

Training directors of programs that offer postdoctoral training in Clinical Neuropsychology, which adhere to Division 40/Houston Conference guidelines for postdoctoral programs.

Does the Training Director have to be Board Certified?

Yes, although provisional membership may be available on a case-by-case basis (e.g., if training director is in process of board certification).

How much does it cost to apply?

Application for membership in AABN is free.

How does one apply?

Please click here to access the AABN application.

How is the application evaluated for potential member programs?

The Membership Committee evaluates the application. If there are questions that need to be clarified by the Training Director at the applying site, these are discussed by the Chairperson and the Training Director in order to satisfy the committee. The goal is to ensure that the applying program has the components required to satisfy AABN specifications and the quality of the program for postdoctoral fellows. Once the application has been approved by the Committee a formal letter of acceptance will be sent to the site.

How will AABN help us mentor our postdoctoral fellows regarding the boarding process?

AABN supplies guidelines and recommended references. In addition, AABN provides written exams, which must be carefully guarded and administered under strict security to protect the test itself. This will allow the postdoctoral associate to gauge the breadth and depth of the exam and to begin to prepare accordingly. AABN also provides ethical vignettes.

How should the practice exam be administered?

Test security is very important as these tests are difficult to create. You should find a mutually agreeable time for your fellow to take the exam in a quiet area, such as a conference room or testing room. The fellow should be handed the exam by you as opposed to sending it electronically. The testing time is two hours. At the end of it, the fellow should bring you the exam, which you then score. You can share the results with the fellow, showing him/her the scored exam in your presence. No copies should be made by the fellow. You will be asked to send the completed scored exam to the Chair Committee Member of AABN. The goal is to ascertain how our AABN program fellows are advancing with regard to knowledge needed for the exam.

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